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He's back...

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He's back...

Post by Winston Charles Bakersfie on Sat Nov 13, 2010 11:23 pm

It was true, he had been gone on a pirate ship, but now he was back. The ship had docked. And once he was set free he made his goodbyes and away he went. He was going to go straight to the Inn, but something had him deciding to check in at work. He was not worried about how things went there, he knew the place would be ran in his fashion as long as Al was around, she was a gem.

When he entered the building he paid no attention to the looks he received. His employees had only seen him dressed in his suits. Right now he was wearing shoes that looked as if they had seen better days, his pants had been ripped jaggedly so they were more like long shorts, his once crisp polo shirt was now collarless, the sleeves had been ripped off, and his clothing had holes. His skin was deeply tanned and his brown hair was now lightly brown with a few blonde highlights from the suns bleaching. He really didn’t care what they thought.

He made his way up to the top floor where his office was located, along with Al’s office, and a couple other offices. Once he reached the top floor his secretary jumped up and rushed over to his side. “Mr. Bakersfield the third…is everything alright?” When he gave the woman a look she hurried to add. “Not that you look as if something is wrong but because we weren’t expecting you back yet.” She hoped to cover what she had said and soothe him at the same time. “Can I get you some coffee?” He gave a shake of his head. “Do you know where Al is?”

Before the secretary could respond, Al was walking out of her office, at a brisk pace. She was wearing a light purple skirt business suit. The jacket and the skirt matched the shirt she wore under the jacket was a deeper blue color, the top few buttons were undone, and a simple chain could be seen, though if it had a charm one couldn’t see it. Her high heels with open toe design was the same color as her shirt. Her long red locks were pulled up into a bun on the back of her head. You could tell the moment she spotted Winston for she quit walking, and her eyes popped just a bit, before a grin slipped over her features. “Win….Mr. Bakersfield your back.” Of course she was happy her boss was back.

He gave a brief nod of his head, before giving her a rare grin, that truly reached his eyes. “Are you in a rush or do you have time to get me caught up?” It seemed like a logical question no? Al would pause a moment. “I have to get a few things faxed but if you give me five minutes I can meet you in your office?” The last part was said in a question, she did not think he would tell her she couldn’t fax something but he might want to get debriefed in her office or elsewhere, and when one worked for him they had to be most agreeable to such a change. Winston thought about it a moment. “Five minutes, my office.” He turned to his secretary, “Please bring drinks and then keep all of my messages directing as they were before I was back.” He did not want to be interrupted in this meeting.

Al spotting the fact that she was left off the hook for the moment, and given the leave, slipped off to get the papers faxed, once that was done she slipped back to her office. Taking care of the papers, she would set her phone to the answering service, before making her way into Winston’s office.

Two hours later, Al and Winston both emerged from his office. Winston had been filled in on everything that was going on at work and personal favors he had asked her to handle. He also was sending her on another brief mission to drop off a letter, a invitation if you will, he had gotten advice from her as well. Al was about to go into her office to finish up but Winston told her she was going to start working on the other item, and that they were both going back to the Inn…and that’s what happened, she got into the limo with Winston, which would bring them over to the Inn.
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