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Walking By (Open)

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Walking By (Open)

Post by Guest on Fri Aug 27, 2010 10:46 pm

HE didn't like it here in this two-legged colony. The roads confused him. Some short some long some curved others straight. With the buildings it's the same. Made of different materials and some were tall some were long and some were too big Saelreth didn't understand why the two-leggeds made walls if they wanted so much space to move. Outside was the best for movement there were few walls and mostly fences and fences can be jumped.

THE open land was better. He knew for his mission to Mailyn he should be walking the roads of town. That's where he'd find the theif of Gaelque. Mailyn had told him everything she'd heard about the thief and Sael needed to use that to search the faces in all of the two-legged towns here. He tried and failed. Always coming to these plains instead. They were small compared to Hu'anis but better than nothing.

TODAY the same. Sael walked away from the buildings as fast as two legs could take him which wasn't fast enough for him. But he couldn't change on the road. Mailyn said the Ar'rail were on the same mission. If they saw a centaur here it was over. He'd be running for his life and if he made it back to Hu'anis he'd be shamed.

HE changed on the plain sometimes when he was sure from sights and smells that no Ar'rail or two-leggeds were near. He wanted to now but moving on two legs it took him longer and he wasn't there yet. He had sweat on his face from the effort trying too hard for speed that he couldn't do without running which would look strange to the other two-leggeds. He was walking by the inn where Ianna fed him when he came to this town.


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Re: Walking By (Open)

Post by ~*~ Azlin Zoi ~*~ on Tue Aug 31, 2010 12:36 am

Walking past the Inn, was a good way of being spotted by someone, even if it was not the same someone that had spotted the man the first time. This time there would be laughter before sight of anyone, then around the corner of the inn, would come Azlin. She had been in a rather light mood as of late, and was starting to be seen more and more around the Inn, though that could change, very quickly it could. But for now she liked being out.

The laughter stopped when she spotted the man walking past the inn. Never had she been the shy sort, and she would lift her hand to wave in greeting, even as her lyrical voice called out. " 'ello!" She did not recognize the man, and it was true he wasn't at the desk, but that didn't mean she wouldn't offer to see if she could help him with something. "How are you doing this day?"

If he happened to look upon Azlin, she was dressed in a rather plain white gown, it hugged her waist yet flared out towards the bottom which ended near her feet, which were bare under the dress, peeking out randomly. If he happened to look at the grass she walked over or had previously walked upon he would notice not a single blade was bent or broken. The top of the dress was white as well, the collar of the gown was a slight v but her assets were not put on display. The dress had long bell like sleeves that would be visible if she lifted a hand or two for any reason. Silver and golden locks had curls in them, and baby blue gaze was sparkling just a bit, she always liked meeting new people.
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